5. Press and Opinions

Should you have any relevant information that you wish to include on this page,  please be in touch with the site administrator at: sknox@hsrc.ac.za

‘We need an African renaissance and pan-Africanism for a better Africa’- Prof Vusi Gumede:


 ‘Strong leadership needed to solve Africa’s problems: Mbeki’:


Combining and Constructing a Research, Knowledge and Training African Area- Prof Mammo Muchie


‘Building Free African Futures’- Prof Mammo Muchie


‘Technology and education need African agenda, scholars say’- Jackie Opara:


Interview with Prof. Mammo Muchie on SBS Amharic:

‘Nigeria: Premium Times Columnist, Pius Adesanmi, to Deliver Keynote at African Renaissance Conference’:


‘African Unity still a Pipe Dream’- Liesl Louw-Vaudran:


Africa intellectuals to meet in Pretoria on challenges :


‘Africa must unite with a big-bang even if the heavens fall’- Prof Mammo Muchie:



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